The cohesive characteristics of hard-to-flow goods result in a difficult unloading process, which makes this shipping method impractical when using 20ft ISO containers without an appropiate solution.

A bulk container liner equipped with the Fluidizing System can create movement, to allow unloading to be as easy as any other flowing products.

Using highly advanced discharge equipment in tandem with the Fluidizing Liner, the bulk handling system is as fast as ever and makes your logistics unloading process simple and secure.

For optimal performance during unloading, BULK-FLOW has developed special discharge equipment: The Straight Mass Flow Hopper. This Hopper has been specifically designed to provide a solution for the unloading of ISO 20′ and 40′ marine containers, and 30’intermodal containers which are mounted on chassis with tilting platforms, so that the product is transferred to the Hopper by gravity.

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