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See for yourself why producers trust Bulk-Flow to manage their bulk handling and loading/unloading processes with hard-to-flow products.
Explore how you can implement salient strategies for handle hard-to-flow products, choose loading and unloading equipment, transport bulk materials using standard ISO containers, and so much more. The Fluidizing Liner® will allow you to optimize processes and decrease handling, packaging and logistics costs. Speak with a Bulk-Flow expert today!

Top 5 things to know about Bulk-Flow

1 Bulk-Flow is the world’s only supplier of a innovated Fluidizing Liner®.

2 We believe everything is customizable. Our solutions are tailor-made with your industry in mind.

3 We are here to change bulk packaging world.

4 Business ethics are important for us. We preserve privacy and confidentiality policy with customers, suppliers, and partners.

5 We’re not for everyone.

Bulk-Flow is a company that produces and commercializes industrial packaging for bulk products’ transportation in containers. With production plants in China and India, Bulk-Flow offers innovative solutions and customizes for the needs of different industries. It specializes in reducing transportation costs for clients by increasing load capacity and improving technical processes.