The perfect container liner for your hard-to-flow bulk solids

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Why is the Fluidizing Liner System so advanced?

The Fluidizing Liner dramatically improves the most important aspects of the bulk hard-to-flow handling products. It introduces advanced even-air distribution and includes full floor coverage. It has proven to be the best performance and non-obtrusive fluidizing system ever in a container liner. It maximizes payload in each shipment using 20ft ISO containers.

It transports hard-to-flow commodities without cross-contamination risk and demonstrates superior effectiveness.

The system’s adoption in bulk transport will be the key

One of the most challenging problems that bulk producers face is to move and accommodate hard-to-flow bulk solids.

Until now, producers of hard-to-flow products were unable to ship in bulk using 20ft standard containers because of the inherent compaction issues that their commodities suffer during transit. The cohesion between particles result in a high angle of repose, making it hard to evenly distribute the products inside a standard container.

The Fluidizing Liner system is the specific bulk packaging and bulk handling equipment that solves this problem.

When you implement the Fluidizing Liner system, you gain competitiveness

Here’s how it works.

The Flat Fluidization System

Is completely embedded and lays leveled below the inner liner floor. This provides several advantages such as staying flat for an obstacle-free discharge, remaininh unaffected by the outflow of product, and fixed regardless of movement.

The Flat Fluidizing Liner

Contains a built-in fluidization bed that spreads the air across the entire surface of the liner’s floor despite the commodity’s column pressure.

The Self-Discharge Frame

Easily attaches to any marine shipping container, thereby acting as an interface between the container liner and the receiving equipment.

The Fluidizing Vibrators

Are designed to provide a maximum fluidization effect for a fast and effective discharge of any commodity from a container liner. These are used to reduce compaction in cohesive commodities.

Easy installation and it’s even customizable to better adapt to your bulk solid.

Increases bulk products payload for transport in a 20ft bulk container liner.

Reduce time, complexity, and logistic costs on loading and unloading hard-to- flow products.

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Explore how your hard-to-flow material can be transported in ISO container liners.

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More bulk commodities can be handled in 20 ft container liners

If your bulk product is:

  • comprised of large pellets, fine powders or both,
  • flows freely or not at all,
  • has a bulk density higher than 0.66 and needs to be transloaded onto a 20 ft container,
  • or if the particle breaks easily or separates,

then the Fluidizing Liner is a good solution for your supply chain process. The Fluidizing Liner is designed to include a versatile mechanism especially created to satisfy handling requirements in the chemical, mining and agriculture industries.

  • Sulfur
  • Potassium Carbonate
  • Cement
  • Potash
  • SoyBeans
  • Fine Salt
  • Sugar
  • Silica Sand
  • Sodium Sulfate
  • Soda Ash
  • Alfalfa
  • Talc
  • Citric Acid
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • And more…


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