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Why is the Fluidizing Liner System so advanced?

The Fluidizing Liner dramatically improves the most important aspects of the bulk hard-to-flow handling products. It introduces advanced even-air distribution and includes full floor coverage. It has proven to be the best performance and non-obtrusive fluidizing system ever in a container liner. It maximizes payload in each shipment using 20ft ISO containers.

It transports hard-to-flow commodities without cross-contamination risk and demonstrates superior effectiveness.

The system’s adoption in bulk transport will be the key

One of the most challenging problems that bulk producers face is to move and accommodate hard-to-flow bulk solids.

Until now, producers of hard-to-flow products were unable to ship in bulk using 20ft standard containers because of the inherent compaction issues that their commodities suffer during transit. The cohesion between particles result in a high angle of repose, making it hard to evenly distribute the products inside a standard container.

The Fluidizing Liner system is the specific bulk packaging and bulk handling equipment that solves this problem.

When you implement the Fluidizing Liner system, you gain competitiveness

Here’s how it works.

The Flat Fluidization System

Is completely embedded and lays leveled below the inner liner floor. This provides several advantages such as staying flat for an obstacle-free discharge, remaininh unaffected by the outflow of product, and fixed regardless of movement.

The Flat Fluidizing Liner

Contains a built-in fluidization bed that spreads the air across the entire surface of the liner’s floor despite the commodity’s column pressure.

The Self-Discharge Frame

Easily attaches to any marine shipping container, thereby acting as an interface between the container liner and the receiving equipment.

The Fluidizing Vibrators

Are designed to provide a maximum fluidization effect for a fast and effective discharge of any commodity from a container liner. These are used to reduce compaction in cohesive commodities.

The Fluidizing Liner System reaches a new level of optimization and precision

The Fluidizing Liner is ideal for handling and transporting hard-to-flow bulk solids. The Fluidizing Container Liner is made up of strong and puncture resistant co-extruded film. With new self-discharge and vibration features, unloading becomes easy – the Fluidizing Liner System works as amazingly as it looks.

Easy installation and it’s even customizable to better adapt to your bulk solid.

Increases bulk products payload for transport in a 20ft bulk container liner.

Reduce time, complexity, and logistic costs on loading and unloading hard-to- flow products.

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Explore how your hard-to-flow material can be transported in ISO container liners.

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When the container is loaded using a belt or a pneumatic conveyor system, the possibility of poor distribution of goods is high.

A very simple solution for improving the hard-to-flow product distribution inside the container is to fluidize it from the bottom.

This is the solution that BULK-FLOW has created to maximize the payload in 20ft ISO containers.

The use of a fluidizing bed in the bottom allows the hard-to-flow products to settle more evenly during the loading operation. This helps prevent the formation of piles, increases the available capacity of the 20ft standard container, increases payload, reduces labor man-hours required, and reduces the contamination risk. Moreover, bulk container liners require much less installation and loading time compared to other bulk container packaging solutions, such as big bags.

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The cohesive characteristics of hard-to-flow goods result in a difficult unloading process, which makes this shipping method impractical when using 20ft ISO containers without an appropiate solution.

A bulk container liner equipped with the Fluidizing System can create movement, to allow unloading to be as easy as any other flowing products.

Using highly advanced discharge equipment in tandem with the Fluidizing Liner, the bulk handling system is as fast as ever and makes your logistics unloading process simple and secure.

For optimal performance during unloading, BULK-FLOW has developed special discharge equipment: The Straight Mass Flow Hopper. This Hopper has been specifically designed to provide a solution for the unloading of ISO 20′ and 40′ marine containers, and 30’intermodal containers which are mounted on chassis with tilting platforms, so that the product is transferred to the Hopper by gravity.

How to unload with the Fluidizing Liner Learn More

Case Study

Take a look at our most popular case study, based on proven bulk fluidization success systems.

Overall the test was very successful, discharging the 22 MT in 1 hr and 12 mins. The Fluidization System proved to be so effective at accelerating the discharge rate of the product and increase the loading speed of 248%, that the rotary valve was overwhelmed by the inflow of product, exceeding its transfer capability.

Industry: Agricultural

Product: Semolina Flour

Location: Mexico


LA MODERNA GROUP, a flour manufacturer in Mexico, was not able to satisfy their export requirements to deliver semolina flour in bulk into their customers’ big processor silos due to the compaction of the product inside of the container. This made it impossible to discharge it at the destination in bulk form with the traditional container tilting equipment and techniques.

As a consequence, their operations were burdened by the cost of super-sacks and their intensive bagging, de-bagging, storing, and handling operation, in general, at both ends. It was estimated that such inefficient operations were causing an additional $24/MT cost. This extra cost represented a great barrier to expand their client export customer base and endangered the contracts with their current customers as well.


BULK-FLOW presented LA MODERNA with a bulk container liner that features a patented built-in fluidizing air bed. In combination with portable ultra-high frequency vibrators, the fluidizing air bed greatly reduced the tilting angle required to discharge the product and produced a fast discharge flow rate from the container directly into the end user’s silo.

After the flow ability study conducted at SYCSA’s pneumatics lab, it was determined that the high cohesiveness of the semolina flour particles was deemed necessary for the use of ultra-high frequency portable vibrators that break the initial compaction of the semolina flour when it is delivered. The combination of both the air bed fluidization and the mechanical shaking provided by the portable vibrators, greatly reduced the tilting angle needed for the product to start flowing out of the container and the speed of the discharge rate.

Overall the test was very successful discharging the 22 MT in 1 hr and 12 mins. The Fluidization System proved to be so effective at accelerating the discharge rate of the product that the rotary valve was overwhelmed by the inflow of product, exceeding its transfer capability.


BULK-FLOW´s Fluidizing Liner enabled LA MODERNA Group to satisfy their customer requirements to shipping semolina flour as containerized bulk without issues in the transfer of the product from the container into their customer´s silos.

Now LA MODERNA Group is able to deliver the containerized bulk product door-to-door for the first time, resulting in the following:

  1. Total Logistics cost reduction of around 41%.
    1. Packaging cost reduction of 77% by switching from 25kg bags to bulk container liners.
    2. Bagging/loading/warehousing cost reduction of 78% from 25kg bags to bulk container liners that do not require any bagging liners or warehouse operations to be loaded.
    3. Freight cost reduction of 8% due to the increased payload that bulk liners provide.
  2. Substantial savings for their customers on the receiving end as they do not contend with any warehouse operations and the product is unloaded directly from the container into the silo.
  3. Reduction and automation of the handling resulting in higher quality semolina flour at the delivery point, avoiding contamination and degradation.

More bulk commodities can be handled in 20 ft container liners

If your bulk product is:

  • comprised of large pellets, fine powders or both,
  • flows freely or not at all,
  • has a bulk density higher than 0.66 and needs to be transloaded onto a 20 ft container,
  • or if the particle breaks easily or separates,

then the Fluidizing Liner is a good solution for your supply chain process. The Fluidizing Liner is designed to include a versatile mechanism especially created to satisfy handling requirements in the chemical, mining and agriculture industries.

  • Sulfur
  • Potassium Carbonate
  • Cement
  • Potash
  • SoyBeans
  • Fine Salt
  • Sugar
  • Silica Sand
  • Sodium Sulfate
  • Soda Ash
  • Alfalfa
  • Talc
  • Citric Acid
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • And more…


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